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--Michel de Montaigne, Of the art of discussion.

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Friday, July 16, 2004
Mourning Moore's Movies
No, not that Moore.  The one that matters.  Alan.  Terry Gilliam was going to do Watchmen, but then the Cold War ended.  (Okay, maybe that was a decent trade off.)  The Wachowskis were going to do V for Vendetta, but then 9/11 went and made the idea of someone blowing up Parliament a little too close for comfort.  They made LXG, and turned it into trite Hollywood pabulum.  So why was I so naive as to even get excited when I saw the link to this
John Constantine.  One of Moore's best characters, who started out as a bit player in Swamp Thing and went on to have his own series (which was good, though Moore didn't write it).  John Constantine is a Brit.  He's articulate and morbidly witty.  He looks like Sting.  He wears a battered trenchcoat.  And his name rhymes with Valentine, not Ovaltine. 
Armed with this information, now go watch the trailer.  And see why I'm still cringing.

P.S.  I forgot about From Hell.  Which I haven't seen, but have heard is pretty good.

Update:  Whoa, looks like Watchmen may well happen after all.  And this preview is enough to make one guardedly hopeful that it will actually be good.

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