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Tuesday, June 25, 2002
So apparently Ahn "gets" to stay at Perugia. The question, of course, is whether he really wants to now. It looks like he may not have a choice, as the club apparently had an option to buy him for another year. As for the claim that Gaucci had been going to sack Ahn anyway for bad performance, this appears to give the lie to that one. What about the comments Ahn supposedly made after the game about Korean soccer being better than Italian soccer? One would think that a little impulsive patriotic crowing would be forgivable under the circumstances, but in any case I have yet to see any such statements quoted. In fact, the only relevant Ahn quote I've seen is the following one from this Reuters story: 'I should thank Italy,' said Ahn. 'I've learnt a lot and had tough times during my two years in Italy. I think that has helped me play good matches in this World Cup.' So what's Gaucci's problem? Whatever it is, he seems to have been overruled by calmer and wiser heads in Perugia, one of whom called Ahn on the phone to say that Perugia's "esteem and consideration for Ahn had never flagged." All's well that ends well? I think it will depend on what reception the Perugini fans give Ahn when he gets back. Let's hope it's a warm one.

UPDATE: I think it will be. The Italian friend who sent me the "VaffAHNculo" remark asked me to make it clear that it was just a joke, that Italian fans certainly do not hold Ahn's goal against him. I've also heard from other Perugini who are embarrassed by Gaucci's behavior. So let's just send this silly little bit of unpleasantness down the oubliette, shall we?

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