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A man of prodigious fortune, coming to add his opinion to some light discussion that was going on casually at his table, began precisely thus: "It can only be a liar or an ignoramus who will say otherwise than," and so on. Pursue that philosophical point, dagger in hand.

--Michel de Montaigne, Of the art of discussion.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002
[The meeting was attended by] a few hundred thousand compound mix of good-for-nothings, well disguised young commies (mostly sons of rich parents), “professional unemployed and riot-loving people, many with dreadlocks, dubbed “non-globals”.

All united against the U.S.A. for its declared determination to fight terrorists around the world. “No War” against Saddam (or any other similar tyrant) was the anthem of this “non-global” mob, coupled with “Long Life” to the brave palestinians who defy daily the savage Israeli killers. A couple of big portraits and banners hailing Ben Laden were also recorded on the show.

As you probably know, Oriana Fallaci came to Florence a couple of months before the meeting started by early November. She talked to important people in our current government as well as to Mr. Fassino, the Secretary of D.S. (former Communist Party) in order to convince them to either cancel such a meeting due to the high danger of irreparable damages to the host of artistic treasures in Florence, or at least convince the leaders of such a meeting to check the fury of some “Black Blocks”, the most violent extremists of the non-globals.

Oriana also wrote strong articles on this coming event, outlining the very high danger of damages to the art treasures spread around the center of Florence. She invited the population of the center of this city to close their doors, storekeepers to pull down their rolling doors and brace themselves against possible violent attacks, window smashing and fires – something which happened in June 2001 in Genoa.

The result was the local chiefs of police, security ministers, etc. advised they would hold all of the left-wing leaders responsible for any violence or damage to people and property. The local media (TV and newspapers) amplified the message to the point that the meeting was performed in an “adagio” tune and only strong speeches and verbal anti-american antics followed. It looked like a few thousand Communist-union members spread the word among the many more thousand would-be-rioters and convinced them not to perform their usual violence, at least on that occasion.

Many people thanked Oriana Fallaci for her courage and action to help save Florence, her beloved native city. Of course a few crazy local communist journalists accused her for having cast a very bad image on the innocent non-globals, who only had different views and wanted to air them in a democratic way.

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