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A man of prodigious fortune, coming to add his opinion to some light discussion that was going on casually at his table, began precisely thus: "It can only be a liar or an ignoramus who will say otherwise than," and so on. Pursue that philosophical point, dagger in hand.

--Michel de Montaigne, Of the art of discussion.

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Tuesday, February 04, 2003
You're kidding, right? Andrew Sullivan thinks Hegel was one of the "great liberals." Only, it seems, the Germans "misread" him. I suppose Popper did too. Not that you can blame them; reading Hegel at all is an excruciating endeavor. Trying to get through a page of Phenomenology of Spirit is a pretty decent substitute for clubbing yourself over the head with a frozen mackerel for several hours. But if you're interested in knowing why I object so strenuously to this passing remark of Andy's, here's a decent summary.

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