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A man of prodigious fortune, coming to add his opinion to some light discussion that was going on casually at his table, began precisely thus: "It can only be a liar or an ignoramus who will say otherwise than," and so on. Pursue that philosophical point, dagger in hand.

--Michel de Montaigne, Of the art of discussion.

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Thursday, March 06, 2003
Why I'll never call myself a geek again:

I am not worthy.

I come pretty close in some ways, though. I definitely participate in the eidos of geekiness, even if I have never beheld its full effulgence. I did spend all of junior high hurling plastic multicolored icosahedra. And half of high school buying Monty Python records. (See Terry, it hurt me as much as it did you.) Culturally, I'm a fellow traveller. It's just that while I enjoy technology, I've never been hardcore enough about it to bother knowing more than the minimum I need to do what I want to do at the moment. I had some fun writing programs in college on my Apple IIc. But they were pretty basic--and in Basic, at that.

So maybe I'm a half-geek.

Oh yeah, link via Instapundit. (As though anyone reading this didn't already see it there!)

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