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--Michel de Montaigne, Of the art of discussion.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2003
His loss. Our gain.
I remember when Eric Clapton lost his son in that tragic accident, and a friend of mine at college remarked, "Well, at least we know he's going to be putting out a kick-ass blues album soon." Which he did. Now, I certainly wouldn't put Stephan Jenkins' break up with Charlize Theron on anywhere near the same level of traumatic experience as what Eric went through. Still, I think we can all agree: it's got to be tough. Good thing he got a kick-ass album out of it. It took me a few listens to get into, but it hasn't left my CD player since. It's the kind of album that becomes the soundtrack of your summer, that makes you want to drive around with the windows down and the stereo blasting. Which I've been doing. And as with their first album, some of the best songs are the ones you won't hear on the radio.

So, my condolences Steve. But thanks for sharing.

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