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A man of prodigious fortune, coming to add his opinion to some light discussion that was going on casually at his table, began precisely thus: "It can only be a liar or an ignoramus who will say otherwise than," and so on. Pursue that philosophical point, dagger in hand.

--Michel de Montaigne, Of the art of discussion.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2004
Oriana's got a new book coming out April 5th in Italy. It's not the novel about her youth in Florence that she's supposed to be working on, but a sequel to La Rabbia e L'Orgoglio. This one is called La Forza della Ragione--The Force of Reason--and she says it was her "duty" to write it. Apparently it addresses (and defends) U.S. actions since 9/11, including the war in Iraq, and (of course) goes after the many detractors of Rabbia. It's sure to be lively reading. Nobody wields a dagger like Oriana. I hope that it's more than polemic this time, though. I hope this book lives up to its title as well as the last one did.

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