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--Michel de Montaigne, Of the art of discussion.

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Friday, June 03, 2005
Oriana's trial date set

In case you were wondering exactly how long Oriana has to wait for the worms to come, this article says the trial has been set for June 12, 2006, in Bergamo. (Thanks again to Signore Vige for the link).

According to the article, the choice of venue is because the book was printed there. I'm not sufficiently familiar with Italian legal procedure to understand exactly what this means, but apparently a public minister by the name of Maria Cristina Rota requested that the case be "archived," but the presiding Judge Grasso chose instead a course of action that requires Fallaci to appear in court. Fallaci has already publicly declared that she has no intention of doing so. (This raises intruiging questions: Will Italy seek to have her extradited from the U.S.? Would we comply? I'm pretty sure that they refuse to extradite to us when the defendant would risk capital punishment. Would we extradite someone to face a crime that violates our constitutional norms?)

UPDATE: Here's another little article that has some quotes from Fallaci in reaction to the lawsuit.
This trial is not against me. Nor is it a trial brought by a judge in search of publicity. It is a trial aimed at creating a Precedent, the Fallaci Case.

I will not deign to honor them with my presence. This lawsuit is unacceptable, unpardonable.

To distort a person's thought, pick at a word here and another there, sew it all together with little dots, is illegitimate. Illicit. Illegal. Criminal. Contrary to every moral and intellectual decency. For shame!
As they say in Italy, no hair on her tongue!

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